What's better than a hot dog & cold soda on a sunny day? Hot Dog Day is a regular summertime event at Frontier, keep an eye open at each of the yards for scheduled good times. Product displays, vendor reps and lots of good food all to give us a chance to say THANKS for your business.

BUT WAIT! that's not all...Once a year each of our yards host their version of our Annual Belt Sander Racing Extravaganza and Contractor Mini Olympics.
Fun, food and yep...belt sander racing. You just gotta see this.


sander1.jpg (12024 bytes)
The Belt Sander Racetrack.

sander2.jpg (12249 bytes)
Starting line and some final adjustments by a contestant.

sander3.jpg (9124 bytes)
The Finish Line - a winner!

show.jpg (13889 bytes)

bucket.jpg (17204 bytes)
The bucket (torture) contest.

The idea is whoever can hold the bucket up the longest is the winner. Each bucket has 60 lbs of sand in it and it has a piece of  3" PVC tubing as a handle.

P0000256.jpg (13685 bytes)

P0000259.jpg (14753 bytes)
The High Nail Contest.