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At Frontier Building Supply we understand the changing nature of the building world. Education and keeping abreast of the latest building techniques is the key to a successful business whether you compete in the sales world or as a contactor. 
In order to offer an opportunity for our customers and employees to continue their education we have partnered with Builder Books to offer you an incentive to help defray the cost of buying educational materials that help you do your job better.

For every purchase made through our link to we receive a 5% commission on the sale. We will return this commission to you and double it, meaning you will receive a 10% discount on every book purchased through the links on this site. This offer applies only to books purchased through links on this website. Bring in your receipt to any of our locations and we will refund 10% of the purchase price (excluding shipping) to you in cash. You must appear in person to with your purchase and receipt to take advantage of this offer.


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Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, 3rd Edition-Contractor's Reference 
by: NAHB Remodelors Council & Business Management 
Pages: 118
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: July 2005
PLU #: 00225 
NAHB Member Price: $34.95 
Non-Member Price: $39.95 
About this book: 
Stop shaving dollars off your bottom line. Start managing customer expectations with Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, the industry's most widely accepted reference on how homes should perform. This fully revised and updated reference was created specially for builders and remodelers to help successfully manage customer expectations—and protect the bottom line—while delivering high-performance homes.

Features include:
A unique collection of nearly 300 guidelines in 12 major construction categories 
50 new guidelines on cabinets, cement board siding, concrete, countertops, drainage, driveways, drywall, landscaping, water infiltration, and more 
New remodeling-specific content—italicized throughout for easy identification 
Guidance on how to take critical measurements 
Glossary of common terms
Residential Construction Performance Guidelines—Contractor Reference is a must-have for every builder and remodeler.


Basic Construction Management: The Superintendent's Job, Fourth Edition
Basic Construction Management: The Superintendent's Job, Fourth Edition 
by: Leon Rogers 
Pages: 208
Format: Soft Cover
Pub. Date: 1999
PLU #: 00072 
NAHB Member Price: $35.95 
Non-Member Price: $39.95 
About this book: 
No one person has more control over the building operations than the superintendent.
Whether your company builds two custom homes a year or a thousand production homes, the superintendent's effective management greatly impacts your bottom line. Basic Construction Management: The Superintendent's Job provides information that will sharpen a superintendent's skills in maintaining budgets, preparing and meeting schedules, and ensuring quality control.
In this completely revised and updated version of the popular Basic Construction Management, noted speaker and professor Leon Rogers places special focus on developing and managing systems to address key areas superintendents need to master in order to succeed.


EstimatorPRO™ 5.1 
by: Jay P. Christofferson 
Format: Software package
Pub. Date: April-2005
PLU #: 00224 
NAHB Member Price: $697.50 
Non-Member Price: $775.00 
Trial version available from
Easily Create Estimates in Just Minutes!
Now residential contractors and remodelers can create fast and accurate estimates with EstimatorPRO™. It does everything that you can do with paper and pencil, but using EstimatorPRO™ you can produce a highly accurate, detailed estimate for an average home (1800 SF) in less than 90 minutes!
An intuitive 'point and click' interface makes it easy to produce estimates with 100% accuracy. 'Under the hood' EstimatorPRO™ tabulates materials and prices, and eliminates math errors (no more embarrassing and costly typos!) 

EstimatorPRO™ handles any level of detail and produces everything from rough to detailed estimates. You select the right estimating method for your project - detailed, unit pricing (price/SF, price/LF), lump sum, etc. Estimates are stored and can be easily edited and updated to incorporate changes. 
Automatically Integrates with Quickbooks
EstimatorPRO™ arranges information in a logical and organized manner, making your estimates stand out from the crowd and increasing readability, persuasiveness, and professionalism. EstimatorPRO™ version 5.1 saves you even more time instantly creating purchase orders for required materials and automatically updating your accounts through QuickBooks Pro. Featuring a detailed 'getting started' guide, EstimatorPRO™ takes just minutes to learn, and gives you complete control for rapid customization. Unopened packages may be returned within 90 days for a full refund.


Estimating Home Construction Costs, Second Edition
by: Jerry Householder with Emile Marchive III 
Pages: 115
Format: Soft-Cover
Pub. Date: 2006
PLU #: 00235 
NAHB Member Price: $26.95 
Non-Member Price: $29.95 
About this book: 
Custom builder Jerry Householder can help you improve your estimating abilities and discover better ways to do a quantity takeoff, whether you prefer to use pen and paper or estimating software. He teams up with builder Emile Marchive III to show you
Types of estimates and when to use them 
Tips and formulas for figuring quantities easily and accurately 
procedures for integrating estimating with cost control, purchasing, and scheduling 
How computer estimating can enhance your work 
How establishing and maintaining a database facilitates your future estimates 
This second edition provides a new, larger sample floor plan and new elevations, work sheets, checklists, a comprehensive glossary, plus a list of resources and recommended reading. It has all you need to quickly come up to speed with the concepts and terms necessary to ensure that your next estimate is easier to understand and more accurate. 
Bring your houses in under budget and make your construction process more efficient by developing complete and accurate estimates. The closer you come to completing a job within budget, the less likely you are to waste time and money—and that means more profit! 


Home Builder Contracts & Construction Management Forms
by: NAHB Business Management & Information Technology 
Pages: 288
Format: Soft-cover, w/CD
Pub. Date: 2006
PLU #: 00234 
NAHB Member Price: $59.95 
Non-Member Price: $75.00 
About this book: 
Home Builder Contracts & Construction Management Forms contains 95 of the most useful business forms and contracts for builders including:
Sales and marketing forms 
Contracts and agreements 
Trade contractor specifications and checklists 
Orientation and quality control documents 
And much more 
These forms will help you systemize your business, work more productively, and manage more effectively. You can browse the book for the contracts and forms you need, download the documents from the CD, and customize them to meet your business needs, with your address, logo, local specifications, and more!

Benefit from the experience of successful builders across the country and increase your business success in:
Sales & Marketing: Work successfully with prospective home buyers, salespeople, and real estate agents.
Contract & Agreements: Solidify your business and legal relationships and keep your business on track.
Trade Contractors: Ensure quality and keep your production schedules moving.
Construction Management: Define the standards you use to build quality homes and deliver them on time and at the right price.
Quality Control & Warranty: Manage your final quality control checks and warranty work.
You’ll save hours of work—and that can mean saving hundreds of dollars with every form you use!


Contracts and Liabilities 5th edition
by: David Jaffe and David Crump 
Format: Soft cover
Pub. Date: 2004
PLU #: 00183 
NAHB Member Price: $35.95 
Non-Member Price: $39.95 
About this book: 
Protect your profits! Reduce or eliminate litigation costs by learning how to write better contracts from the start. Contracts and Liability, 5th edition provides builders and remodelers with concise, informative insights into creating effective contracts.
Topics include: 
Environmental issues 
Trade contracts 
Design-build contracts 
Contracts with other team members 
and more.
This updated and expanded version now includes sections on mold, arsenic (in drinking water and pressure-treated lumber), notices, and disclaimers.
Eliminate risks and protect against liability with well-written contracts. Contracts and Liability, 5th edition provides illustrative cases, sample language, and current guidelines for creating comprehensive contracts for the residential construction industry. ** DOES NOT INCLUDE A DISC ** David Jaffe and David Crump| 


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