Choosing Deck Color

How to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space by Choosing a Deck Color: 6 Tips

As the full swing of summer approaches, lots of homeowners in the Pacific Northwest are beginning to prepare for summer parties, family dinners, and all the other fun outdoor activities that summer has to offer.

One of the staples of outdoor living in Washington is a quality deck to relax and entertain on. Whether you’re in the process of building or renovating a deck, choosing your deck color is always important to ensure your deck matches your home’s existing exterior palette and compliments your interior palette as well.

Fiberon Decking Colors

What is your home’s aesthetic and color palette? Are you looking for a more traditional or modern palette? Are you working with browns or grays? Before you get into the details of your new deck, you must first choose your color and make sure it pairs well with the rest of the space.

Fiberon composite decking carries the following color families and shades:

  • Classic browns. For the more traditional or rustic home, add a shade of classic brown to your deck for depth and drama. 
  • Golden browns. Choose from a palette of warm browns for a warm and natural look that will compliment style and aesthetic. 
  • Reddish browns. If you’re into the bolder and brighter look, consider Fiberon’s reddish browns—the red and brown tones will bring energy and warmth into your outdoor living space while making your landscaping pop. 
  • Grays. From light gray to dark gray, a shade of gray is the perfect choice for coastal homes and thoughts of weathered wood and rocky shorelines.

No matter what your home’s aesthetic is and what your color palette is, Fiberon composite decking carries every color to fit your decking needs.

Tips for Choosing Deck Color

Color is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your build—to ensure you’re covering your bases and thinking through all the details, follow these six simple steps when choosing your deck color.

Match Your Deck Color to Your Home’s Exterior

Matching your deck to your home’s exterior color palette can make or break your decking project—a cohesive palette is everything. Consider all the elements of your home’s exterior including siding, paint, trim, natural stone or brick, and even shades seen through the windows.

Consider Your Deck Material

While you must keep up with color maintenance like painting and staining on a traditional wood deck, Fiberon composite decking offers a wide range of 29 natural colors with different grain and streaking patterns.

Keep Wear & Tear in Mind

Unlike traditional wood decking, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear with composite decking. While wood decking will rot and warp from harsh and wet weather, composite decking will stay in top shape for many years to come with minimal to no maintenance.

Stick to the Color Wheel Rule

After choosing your deck color, use the color wheel rule to complete your three-color palette:

  1. Use your primary color for your decking; 
  2. Use your secondary color for railing; and 
  3. Use your accent color for outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs, and other décor.  

Make sure that every color in your final color choices complement each other and your space as a whole.

Remember Your Surroundings

Don’t forget about the rest of your outdoor living space—consider your landscaping and any visible interior space to make sure your deck color pairs well with the surrounding views.

Test Out Your Colors

Before you commit to any color, order a sample or two and bring them outside to make sure your choice is right for your space. You can easily order samples of different colors and streaking patterns through your local decking supplier.

Complete Your Outdoor Living Space with Frontier Building Supply

At Frontier Building Supply, we are committed to helping our customers through every step of the decking projects—from browsing our in-store showroom to speaking to delivering your material to the jobsite, Frontier is with you every step of the way.

Get an estimate or give us a call today to learn more about how we can help with your decking project and build an outdoor living space for you and your needs. Remember, color is your top priority!