Expert’s Advice: Everything You Need to Know To Build Your First Home

Important Home Building Tips for First-Timers

Building a home can be stressful under the best conditions for those who do it every day. If you are building for the first time, it can be downright scary. From the building permits to the paint colors and everything in between, your life will be full of choices for as long as it takes to get your certificate of occupancy. The thoughts below will help you overcome some of the anxiety and smooth out the process to help you handle the build like a seasoned pro.

Start by creating a few lists for the must-have additions and the would-be nice inclusions. Once you have them on paper, work with your builder or designer to put a value next to the item. Once you have the value, convert it to the impact on your mortgage amount based on your interest rate and terms. You might find that the premium deck you love is $15k more than the entry-level patio but in real dollars out every month, only an extra $60. (You are already paying the labor bill so now is the time to choose the right products to be installed). You know what you can afford so having the items by mortgage value helps to keep you on budget while making the decisions between your dream and your finished home.

Finally, you must trust the process to take more time than you want. Rome was not built in a day and your home will not be either. The more you decide upfront and the less you change, the faster the process will go for the builder and for you. Changes take time and time will cost you money.

– Kelly Fox from Frontier Building Supply.

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